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Which 2nd hand car is ideal to buy with less cost of maintenance, parts but more reliable?

  1. Hi all Im searching for a 2nd hand car here in Saudi Arabia, anybody can advise me which of the 2 car ( Mazda 3 and Honda Civic ) is more reliable and less cost of maintenance and parts.

    Answer by mccoyblues
    I prefer the Mazda but both cars should be very reliable and inexpensive to maintain,

  2. This question is a part of my educational project. As a part i wanted to understand what are the drivers of consumers 2nd car(not 2nd hand car) purchase behavior?

    Answer by doublequinella
    Much more careful of the contract if financing, and probably more deliberate about negotiating. . .

  3. i am going to abu dhabi as a structural engineer in an offshore industry as a fresher having no previous job experience. i wanna get a driving license (though i dont have any driving license in my residing country) and and wanna buy a 2nd hand used car, so please help me regarding this issue.

    Answer by h
    Your questions will be answered by visiting the links giving below:

    Please get prepared for a long and costly procedere if you are an Indian/Pakistani.

    All the best.

  4. the 2nd hand car bought through a car loan was found defective 2 days after the deal was closed. the engine just shut down along a busy highway.

    Answer by paul
    its yours….cars are sold as is. it is your responsibilty to have it checked by a mechanic.
    lemon laws only exist if you buy a new car, and the same part fails three times after being fixed at the dealer

  5. I bought a 2nd hand car and I was given both keys, but can the owner make a copy of it easily? so he can steal the car if he knows where I live/park the car?

    it looks pretty insecure.

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    Answer by Zombie
    if the owner already made a copy and than gave u the car so he can steal

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