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Whether Newly Diagnosed Or A Long Time Sufferer – Help Control Your Diabetes With These Handy Tips

See your doctor if you have diabetes and begin to have vision problems. Diabetes is associated with a number of eye problems, including cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. It’s crucial to have eyes tested for these conditions regularly; the worse thing that could happen is blindness, so it is essential to catch these problems early. If you find it difficult to keep track of your sugar levels as part of your diabetes management, use a log to record them. You will benefit by taking the time to enter your readings and treatments into a journal that you can take to your doctor. This will give your doctor a better understanding of how you are progressing, and they will be able to better monitor the management techniques you are using.

Try to control the stress in your life. People that have diabetes are highly susceptible to elevated blood glucose levels, especially if they get stressed out or upset. Research various ways to relax to aid in calming yourself. Yoga and meditation are two possibilities. You can also teach yourself a variety of breathing exercises, which are helpful because they can be done just about anywhere.

Visiting your doctor regularly is key in treating and maintaining control of your diabetes. Diabetes is a health issue that basically has no cure. That’s why it’s so important that you closely monitor the condition, and the effects of the treatment, to prevent it from worsening. Diabetes does not need to disrupt your life, if you follow a program to manage it properly. If you are diabetic, among your highest responsibilities is keeping in regular contact with your physician. Diabetes is a chronic and generally incurable condition. Therefore, continual monitoring of your condition, and treatment is important to maintaining your quality of life. You can minimize the impact that diabetes has on your life, if you are diligent about managing it. Add spirulina to your diet to assist stabilizing blood sugar levels. Other foods that can also be helpful with this are vegetables, egg yolks, fish, kelp, garlic, brewer’s yeast, cheese, berries, soybeans and sauerkraut. Spirulina can be found in pill form, as an additive to smoothies and in powder form.