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How do I obtain old W-2 forms if the employer no longer has them on file?

  1. I am trying to obtain 1999 & 2000 W-2 forms to file state taxes for those years, and the employer is saying they do not have copies available. As the taxes were never filed in the first place, I cant get the information by requesting copies of the returns. Please help.

    Answer by src50
    You are S.O.L.

  2. I just started a new job and they are asking me to fill out a w-9 tax form as an independent contractor. I have owned a business before, but I currently do not, and this is asking for business information such as business name and type of business. How do I fill this out if I do not have business information to submit? The tax information should be individual, not corporate/business and this doesnt seem to have that option. (Please note, this is an electronic document.)

    Answer by Bostonian In MO
    If you are an independent contractor then you DO own a business. A proper substitute W-9 will have an option for Individual/Sole Proprietor. If it does not, contact the firm asking for the information and advise them and ask for a mailing address to mail a proper W-9 to.

    The valid options are:

    Individual/sole proprietor

    C Corporation

    S Corporation



    Limited liability company. Enter the tax classification (C=C corporation, S=S corporation, P=partnership)

    Other (see instructions)

  3. I, like many people, have been waiting on my W-2s to come in the mail. Yesterday, 2-03, when I still hadnt received them, I called my former employer. He said he wasnt planning on sending them out and that I would have to come pick it up. I now live out of state and this is going to be an inconvenience for me. Does anyone know the consequences of not meeting the January 31st deadline? Thanks!

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    Answer by nsearchofstars
    Report employer to IRS. I believe there are penalties involved. Company also will be compelled to mail you a copy at your last known address. Write the company a registered short note, I guarantee theyll respond.

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