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Eric Fritz of RealKickers Hosted a Successful National Camp Series (NCS) Divisional Kicking Camp in Pensacola, FL, October 19, 2013

Eric Fritz of RealKickers hosted a successful National Camp Series (NCS) Divisional Kicking Camp for high school kickers, punters and snappers in Pensacola, FL, on October 19, 2013, according to NCS Founder Michael Husted.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

Eric Fritz of RealKickers hosted a successful National Camp Series(NCS) Divisional Kicking Camp for excellent school kickers, punters plus snappers inside Pensacola, FL, about October 19, 2013, according to NCS Founder Michael Husted.

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A second team All-Region Placekicker – Florida out of Woodham High School (FL), Eric Fritz signed and accepted an appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy where he started and performed Placekicking and Kickoff duties


After exiting the U. S. Coast Guard Coach Fritz earned 2 levels inside 1996 within the University of South Alabama (BSBA Operation Systems Management) as well as the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (The Netherlands), (BBA Certification – European Logistics & Distribution) along with a Masters inside Public Administration inside 2006 from Troy University.

Fritz has a unique experience as a player that kicked traditionally, teaches and coaches American Soccer Style, Punters and Deep Snappers and likes to crunch numbers for fun. Coach Fritz is dedicated to building positive work habits, character and integrity, which results in a positive coach/player learning environment all based with statistics and objective measurements.

Kicking coach Michael Husted, whom created the NCS following kicking inside the NFL for 9 years, claims he is excited regarding plus using Eric Fritz about his NCS Divisional Camps inside 2013 plus beyond.

NCS Associates are some of the best kicking coaches in the country, says Husted. Their goal, and the goal of NCS is to provide high quality instruction to high school kicking specialists around the country like the coaching provided by Eric Fritz of RealKickers.

Husted says great coaching and objective evaluations are what coaching kicking specialists should be about.

By utilizing our Kicking IndeX (KIX) Player Rating System, NCS delivers an objective evaluation platform for student-athletes whom like to showcase their abilities to universities plus colleges for recruiting reasons, claims Husted.

By sorting through over six years of historical event data, the KIX system determines a kickers rankings by cross-referencing player data to determine how the athletes stack up against others, both presently and historically, he says.

After a strong 2012 NCS season, and by using our Kicking IndeX (KIX) Player Rating System, we are positioned extremely well in 2013 to leverage analytics to showcase our athletes and to provide objective high school kicking specialists statistics to college and university coaches.

“The NCS levels the playing field for those who dont want to get caught up in all of the politics that occurs in the kicking industry, says Husted. If you can kick, punt or snap, the NCS KIX system will let a young kicking specialists skills speak for themselves. No excuses. No explanations.”

“We dont rank the athletes…they rank themselves through the NCS KIX system,” he says.

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